Long Term Care Insurance Quote & Policy

As we age, the chances of needing long-term care services increase significantly. Whether you need in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care, the costs that go with these services can add up quickly. That’s where long-term care insurance comes into play.

Long-term care insurance is designed to cover these costs, providing you with peace of mind and financial security. But before you purchase a policy, it’s important to understand how it works and what factors can affect your premiums.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs associated with long-term care services. These services are typically not covered by traditional health insurance plans or Medicare. Long-term care services can include assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating, as well as skilled nursing care.

What Are Some Common Challenges When It Comes To Obtaining Long-Term Care Insurance

When it comes to getting long-term care insurance, there are many problems people run into. These problems include:

  • Understanding policy types.
  • Dealing with the expensive nature of long-term care insurance.
  • As you age, health issues are more prominent. Unfortunately, while getting an insurance policy, you will sometimes be required to take a medical exam, which could work against you.
  • Sometimes, coverage may not be available if you wait too long, as certain companies don’t offer coverage to individuals over a certain age or with pre-existing conditions.

Why Working With Us Is Your Best Choice

At Liberty Financial Group, we understand the importance of long-term care planning. When it comes to getting long-term care insurance, we’re not just any insurance agency – we’re your best move for securing seed insurance at an economical price. Here’s why.

We partner with several top-rated insurance companies to ensure you get the best coverage options available to you. Because of this, you won’t get just any policy, whether it suits you or not. Instead, our agents work with you to find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

We value not only finding you the best possible coverage but also educating you and staying with you even after your policy is issued! 

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