Can’t Strike an Insurance Match to Your Smokeless Tobacco Habit? Liberty Can Help!

Do you enjoy a plug of chew or a pinch of snuff every now and then? According to the American Cancer Society’s statistics on nationwide tobacco consumption, you’re far from alone. Approximately 3.5% of people regularly use some form of smokeless tobacco. That’s a total of 9 million individuals in America alone!

Though one widely accepted benefit to smokeless tobacco is the fact that others aren’t endangered by second-hand smoke, there’s another advantage you might not know about. And it could save you money in less than five minutes time.

Chew On This Fact

Even the greatest critics of smokeless tobacco know this habit doesn’t pose the same health risk to its users as do cigarettes. What this means for chew and snuff users is that if your insurance company is charging you a smoker’s premium, you’re paying too much! Of course, finding the right insurance carrier who will recognize the smokeless tobacco difference can be a time-consuming and ultimately daunting challenge.

On top of all that, The Economic Times reports the insurance industry will be facing increasing regulatory demands and changes for some time to come. So how do you know which companies are up-to-date and which ones aren’t? And even if you’re willing to invest the necessary time to do the research and comparison shopping yourself, nowadays you have to worry about cyber fraud if you provide your contact information to an unsecured website.

Now consider that Liberty Financial Group is dedicated to providing you with hassle-free insurance options. You get everything you need to make an informed choice in minutes. And best of all: Liberty works with a wide array of top insurance carriers. This means you get to confidently compare the best quotes from trusted carriers on a secure website without any obligation.

Freedom With Liberty

It’s a fairly sobering statistical gap when you consider that according to the 2013 Life Insurance Barometer Study, 85% of people agree they need life insurance while only 62% actually have it. Sadly, without the right information, too many Americans wind up paying too much for insurance, or worse: they wind up going without it altogether. Of course, life insurance is a necessity, so you need unbiased knowledge to make the right decision. Yet by spending just five minutes now, you can avoid falling into either trap.

With Liberty Financial Group there’s no service charge, no hidden obligation… just the freedom of choice you always deserve! So stop overpaying and sign up today!