Cancer Survivors: An Indispensable Guide to Life Insurance

You’re a fighter. You’ve survived cancer. Now it’s in remission, and you’ve got a new lease on life. However, your recent battle has also highlighted the need for you to purchase life insurance to ensure your family is provided for in the event some future battle doesn’t go your way.

Granted, of the more than 200 insurance carriers that offer life insurance policies to Americans, finding one that’ll offer you coverage following a bout with cancer can feel like a fight in itself. Maybe you’ve even run across some form of the old saying: “Life insurance is available only to those who don’t need it!” But don’t lose hope. With advances in cancer treatment, there are literally more cancer survivors alive today than ever before. And insurance companies aren’t blind to this growing segment of the population that crosses age, race and gender boundaries.

Although some survivors’ cases still make it hard to predict the specific decisions of insurers, consider the following points to be better prepared and informed when shopping for life insurance:

What to Do

First, collect all of your medical records and paperwork. Although some applicants let insurance companies request their records, this process can take a long time. If you sign a release form requesting copies of your records, you can send them along to the insurer and help expedite the process.  

Next, prepare a complete list of all medications and treatments that you’re currently being prescribed. If you have any other medical conditions, be sure to list them as well. Be thorough. It does you no good to try and hide anything that can undermine your coverage later.

What Not to Do

You’re going to be asked a lot of questions, but don’t omit a thing. In a worst-case scenario, omitting a piece of information can be just as much of a deal breaker as trying to hide some health related detail. Plus, in almost all instances, insurance companies who do want to work with you will need official documentation to corroborate dates and details you give regarding any treatments and remission.

As you may be well aware of by now, don’t face a crucial challenge in life alone. If you’ve been getting one rejection letter after another from life insurance companies, then you’re going about this all wrong. In today’s competitive insurance market, the consumer stands the best chance of finding satisfaction when given timely and comparative information about any service or product under consideration. It’s for this very reason that Liberty was founded. Read on to learn how quickly you can have the freedom to choose.

Know Your Odds

Just like any diagnosis, when you’re about to get answers to an important question, you need all the information possible to make the right decision. Now imagine one convenient and secure method of learning about the best life insurance offers to cancer survivors from the top carriers in the country. That’s exactly what you get when you let Liberty help.

We understand what’s at stake for you. In a just few minutes, we’ll increase your odds of satisfaction! No commitment. No fees. Just your Liberty!